Tools and features

Fitted for an array of jobs

Our VPS packages are supplied with the whole set of characteristics and software you will need so as to operate your media–loaded web sites and applications from one particular area. Each VPS plan features a range of OS’s, NVMe storage area, root server access rights and weekly offsite backups. You’ll have guaranteed CPU and memory allocations for a lot quicker data transfer speeds.

NVMe disk space storage

Give a boost to your site’s functionality with our NVMe–centered VPS’s

Each of the Virtual Private Servers provided by V-HostOnLine is provided with NVMe drives instead of common HDD drives. Obtaining NVMe drives on your Virtual Private Server can be a terrific advantage for your web sites. NVMes offer significantly better reading/writing data transfer rates and in addition allow for a lot quicker file access. This essentially implies that everything on your web server will work more rapidly, including all your sites and web apps.

Linux OS version choices

Pick from Ubuntu, Debian and CentOS

We will offer you a variety of Linux distributions for your Virtual Private Server at sign–up. On the order form, you can easily select between these OS solutions – Debian, Ubuntu or CentOS. Simply opt for the OS that you need and we will set it up for your business.

A zero cost dedicated IP

Get a free–of–cost dedicated IP with each Virtual Private Server

A Virtual Private Server provides you complete autonomy on the web, and to help you get going very easily, we provide you with a dedicated IP address free of cost. When you register, all you have to do is let us know which Operating System you like and we’ll put together your hosting server and give an exclusive dedicated IP to you for no cost. If you ever want extra IP addresses, you could buy them from your Control Panel at at an affordable price.