The so-called WHOIS details of every single registered domain name include details about the registrar firm, the registration and expiration dates, along with the names, phone number, postal address and email address of the owner, the admin and the tech/billing person. WHOIS is a special protocol that enables you to get all this info through a command line or using one of the many Internet websites that offer WHOIS lookup services. All details must be up-to-date in line with the rules of ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. If some of the information is not legitimate, the domain can be reported and the result could be its deletion or losing its ownership. A number of country-specific domain name extensions have certain limitations concerning the editing of their WHOIS information, but in the typical situation any detail can be modified easily and at any time. Such a modification will appear on lookup websites within 1 day.

Full WHOIS Management in Cloud Hosting

When you obtain a cloud hosting plan from our company, you're going to be able to manage all domain names registered through us using our Hepsia Control Panel. Its sophisticated Domain Manager tool will permit you to check or update the WHOIS details of your domain addresses with only a few clicks and even control several domains simultaneously, which will save you considerable time and efforts if you want to update the e-mail address or the contact number associated with all your domains, for example. Given that a number of country-code extensions have specific requirements, we can aid you with an update 24/7 - for instance, for some TLDs modifying the Registrant names cannot be done automatically, so we can walk you through the procedure. We've done our very best to make sure that Hepsia provides you with comprehensive and simple management over the WHOIS information of your domain addresses.

Full WHOIS Management in Semi-dedicated Servers

If you register or transfer a domain name to our company and you have a semi-dedicated server plan, you shall be able to see and update the domain WHOIS information with ease through the same Hepsia Control Panel in which you will manage the hosting space. It will require literally only a click to see what info a domain name is currently registered with. With a couple of more you may edit any part of the WHOIS info and if you want to do a mass update, you can easily select a number of domains since Hepsia enables you to manage domains in bulk. You will no longer have to go through your domains one at a time if you want to edit the e-mail address for all of them, for example. If you own a domain address which supports WHOIS updates, yet not automatic ones, you can contact us and we can walk you through the procedure and aid you until the change takes effect. That is needed for some country-code extensions only, as the generic ones don't have any limitations related to WHOIS updates and you can modify anything and at any time through your CP.