FI Datacenter

In order to host your website within a location that's built to go through aerial assault, EMP attacks and all sorts of disasters, then our Finnish data center is a great option for you. Located in a former underground military facility, it can ensure top-notch safety for all your sites.

Furthermore, due to its location, this data center offers amazing online connectivity with Russia, Northern and Central Europe, along with the rest of the world. If you would like your sites to draw in more clients from these countries, the Finnish data center would be a great selection.

  • Domain Names

  • .ACADEMY - $33.49/year
  • .BARGAINS - $30.99/year
  • .CAFE - $36.49/year
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Cloud Hosting Plans in Finland

When you're searching for a truly trouble-free cloud hosting service, then you have come to the right place. With a cloud hosting account inside our Finnish data center, not only will your web site be protected against any natural disaster or an aerial assault, but you'll also enjoy a 99.9% service uptime along with a 99.9% network uptime. A 24/7 tech support service backed up by a 1-hour reply time guarantee is provided by default.

An additional benefit of hosting your site with V-HostOnLine is that your sites and apps will also have a substantial speed boost. All of our servers have quick SSD drives providing amazing write/read speeds and rely on a file system (ZFS), that is designed in a way as to take full advantage of all the advantages provided by the SSD drives. And then in our user friendly Hepsia Control Panel we have included as well a group of website accelerators to further improve the loading speed of your web sites.

OpenVZ VPS Web Hosting Plans In Finland

Pick one of our OpenVZ VPS Servers inside our Finland-based data center when you've got a huge website, a resource-demanding app or you would like to start your hosting company. Housed in this belowground data center, your server will be protected from all natural disasters and you will enjoy a top-notch connectivity with the neighbouring North European countries and Russia.

Our OpenVZ servers offer you plenty of raw power for virtually any site. Take advantage of lavish CPU, RAM and monthly traffic allocations with each server, and also a wide range of absolutely free bonuses.


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Semi-dedicated Hosting Plans In Finland

The Ficolo data center is an ideal home for your semi-dedicated server. It offers the necessary hosting environment to have your multi-media websites and applications operate effortlessly: great regional and global connectivity, top-notch physical and network stability and, most importantly - a disaster-proof underground location. With all of the semi-dedicated hosting plans, you will have a 99.9% network uptime guarantee.

Thanks to the Ficolo data center's accommodating colocation policy, we've managed to implement our very own cloud hosting platform, which relies on SSD-powered servers as well as the ZFS file storage system. This will give you ideal data processing and backup speeds. In addition to that, you'll get generous CPU allocations for your demanding websites and apps, along with generous database query quotas.

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  • Benefit from a trouble-free cloud hosting service inside our Finnish data center. Take advantage of an incredible 99.9% server uptime warranty and also a very quick, 24/7 technical support service.
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  • In our Finnish data center, we provide a number of cloud hosting packages. Find out more about their prices and capabilities and select the one that fits into your budget.
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